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Install My Reservation System To Your Website, Blog or FaceBook fans page, Connect My Reservation System Availability calendar With Other calendars application that supports the iCal format,  Tripadvisor,   Airbnb,   Google,   Yahoo,   Etc...   And Increase Your Income By Increasing Your Online Reservations.

Cloud Solution & No Extra Fees Or Commissions.


Check calendar for availability.
Make online reservations.
Send online payments.
Send note to admin.
Receive a confirmation email.
Receive a cancellation link.
Check real-time reservation status and details.

Free - Admin

Set a default daily/nightly price for each date of the week.
Add a different price based on the number of adults and children selected on the reservation form.
Set a different price for a specific periods.
Check the calendar for availability.
Update the detail of the reservations.
Update the detail of the customers.
Add or delete a reservation.
Receive email notification for a new reservation.
Resend a confirmation email to customer.
Export every reservation to PDF file .

Premium - Admin

 5 / Month
Receive on-line payments.
Accept Guest or Registered Customer
Multi-Room calendar.
Multi-Price For Each Room
Change the appearance of the calendar.
Set the different booking options for the calendar.
Create and Send Invoices via Email.
Set More Options for Price like 'breakfast', Price based on day or period
Set the different payment options for the calendar, Enable or disable the available payment gateways. PayPal, Authorize.net, Bank account details for wire transfers, payment with cash..
Choose the fields that should be available on the booking form.
Set the contents of the confirmation emails .
Define the different periods of the year with the different booking limits.

Reservation System Demo

Multi-Rooms Nightly Reservation (Front-End) Demo

Customer Reservation Checker - Demo

Example :
Email : support@myreservationsystem.com
Reservation UID : ZT1443638152

Free Admin (Booking Manager) Demo

Username : demo@myreservationsystem.com
Password : demo
URL : demo.myreservationsystem.com
Request a Premium Admin Demo ( 1 day Test )

How It Works ?

HTML Reservation System

Copy the code below and paste it on your web page where you want the calendar to appear.

Daily - Nightly Booking Calendar
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://myreservationsystem.com/embed/calendar.php?id=demo&view=auto&lang=1&bgcolor=FFFFFF"></script>
Time Slot Booking Calendar
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://myreservationsystem.com/embed/timeslot.php?id=demo&view=auto&lang=1&layout=1"></script>
Customized Size  

Customized Calendar Size 'width' and 'height'

Change View=auto to View=0 and add The 'width' and 'height' variables to your code


<script type="text/javascript" src="https://myreservationsystem.com/embed/calendar.php?id=demo&view=0&lang=1&bgcolor=FFFFFF&width=400&height=400"></script>

lang=1 ( English )     lang=2 ( French )     lang= ( Let the customer choose the language )

Background color : ( css color without # )

bgcolor=0 ( background : transparent )     bgcolor=FFFFFF ( background : white ) - etc ...

Reservation System Code Generator


Facebook Reservation System

Install My Reservation System Facebook Page Tab App and use Facebook fans page as an online booking channel

Tutorial | Demo

Wordpress Reservation System

Install My Reservation System Wordpress Plugin and use your blog as an online booking channel

Tutorial | Demo | Download

Blogger Reservation System

Install My Reservation System Blogger Plugin and use your blog as an online booking channel

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  • Thanks ... I’ve enjoyed getting to use your system, and am appreciating how easy it is use.
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