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Cloud-Based Multi Room Booking Calendar

For existing websites, Facebook pages and WordPress blogs.

Fast, simple and useful integration methods. No Extra Fees Or Commissions, 7 Day Free Trial.

Ideal for booking hotels, apartments, houses, villas, tours, and other types of accommodations.

Always-on support: Our support service is available 24/7, through our internal messaging system, covering weekends and all holidays, including Christmas Day.

Booking Software Development:We provide booking softwares development, including Free Migration Service.


  • Design:
    • Responsive.
    • Customizable reservation calendar color theme .
  • Email Notifications:
    • Multilingual Email Templates.
  • Invoicing:
    • Auto generated for each reservation.
    • Customizable invoicing template.
  • Payment Plugins:
    • PayPal Form and SDK, Auhtorize.Net SDK, Visa Checkout SDK.
  • Language:
    • Multilingual UI.
  • Booking Form:
    • Customizable.
  • Price:
    • Auto Calculated.
  • Vouchers:
    • Fixed date.
    • Multi Room.
  • ICal Synchronization:
    • Support ICal Import and Export.

Cloud-based Solution: Manage your reservations without worrying about server failures and program problems. Our technical team monitors the reliability of the server and ensures the proper operation of the reservation software. It intervenes immediately in case of technical issues..

ICal Synchronization: Synchronizing your booking calendar with other calendars will help you better track your bookings and avoid overbooking. You can import your extern calendar or export your bookings to add them to other calendars that support Ical synchronization like Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Google, Yahoo, and others..

Requesting a free trial is the perfect way to evaluate our cloud-based booking software. You will have a 7 day, access to all features.


My Reservation System is more than just an availability calendar. It is an online, web-based booking calendar and booking management application. it turns your website, Facebook page and WordPress blog into a real booking channel.

How It Works

Copy the code below and paste it on your web page where you want the calendar to appear.

Multi Room Booking Calendar, Code HTML JavaScript.

 <!--Attributes : data-cid = "Calendar ID"; data-local = "Language ID"; data-room = "room number or auto to show room menu"; data-background = "css color without #"; --> 
<div id="div_mrbc_software" data-cid="demo" data-local="1" data-room="auto" > </div>

<!--javascript add to bottom of page -->
<script src="https://myreservationsystem.com/js/mrbc.js" async defer ></script>

Free Booking Calendar, Code HTML JavaScript.

 <!--Attributes : data-cid = "Calendar ID"; data-local = "Language ID"; data-background = "css color without #"; --> 
<div id="div_freebc_software" data-cid="demo" data-local="1" data-room="" > </div>

<!--javascript add to bottom of page -->
<script src="https://myreservationsystem.com/js/freebc.js" async defer ></script>

Facebook Page Tab & WordPress Plugin Tutorials.


  • Free Booking Calendar

    Free Booking Calendar


    Payment Plugin
    Invoicing Plugin
    Booking Limit
    Booking Reminder


  • Multi Room Booking Calendar

    Multi Room Booking Calendar

    $ 5.00 / Month

    Payment Plugin
    Invoicing Plugin
    Booking Limit
    Booking Reminder

    Free Trial

If you have not yet purchased a hosting space or domain name for your booking website, You can do it from here.


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