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Free Booking Calendar - Features

Price :
Set a default price for each date of the week and price for each room. Add different price based on the number of adults and children selected on the reservation form, different prices for specific date periods, the deposit amount to receive for each reservation (amount or %).

Reports :
Generate and download a chart from Selected date range to view information about all bookings made for the selected period. Generate and download a chart from Selected year to view information about your Monthly Income.

Booking Calendar : Reservations
Receive online reservations, add reservations, edit and resend reservation confirmation to customer, convert and download reservation in pdf file.

Booking Calendar : Availability
Easily see availability and print the whole calendar

How It Works!
Free Booking Calendar

Facebook application for booking software

Add My Reservation System Facebook Page Tab App To Your Facebook Fans Page and use Facebook As Online Booking Channel, Facebook page tab app helps you to easily add the Booking Calendar to your own Facebook page in a few minutes.

Tutorial  Demo

Wordpress plugin for booking software

Add My Reservation System Wordpress plugin And Use Your Blog As Online Booking Channel, Wordpress Plugin helps you to easily add the Booking Calendar to your WordPress website in a few minutes.

Download Wordpress plugin

The reservation software in the blogger blog

Add My Reservation System To Your Google Blog And Use Your Blog As Online Booking Channel, Booking software helps you to easily add the Booking Calendar to your blog in a few minutes.

HTML integration of the front-end booking software


The JavaScript async-defer Integration method for HTML

Javascript async defer Reservation System Script allows you to display a responsive front end booking calendar or form in all web solutions that support HTML. No influence on the loading of your page, the async defer technology instruct the browser to load the script in parallel, without stopping the rendering of the HTML page.

JavaScript Multi-Room Booking Calendar

Insert the HTML div element on your web page where you want the Multi-Room Booking Calendar software to appear
Insert javascript at the bottom of the page

              <!--div element add where you want the Multi Room Booking Calendar to appear.  
data-cid = "Your Calendar ID"; data-width = "css width without px"; data-height = "css height without px"; data-local = "Language ID"; data-background = "css color without #"; -->
<div id="div_freebc_software" data-cid="demo" data-local="1" > </div>

<!--javascript add to bottom of page -->
<script src="" async defer ></script>

Copy Free Booking Calendar Script

My Reservation System And Booking Calendar

Online Booking Software For Existing Website, Blog Or Facebook Fans Page, Embed Daily-Nightly Or Time Slot Availability Calendar, Take Online Reservations, Receive Online Payments. My Reservation System Turn Your Website And Facebook Page As An Online Booking Channel. Fast, Simple, And Useful Integration Methods. Great For Booking Hotel Rooms, Apartments, Chalets, Gites, Houses, Villas, Appointment, And Other Multi Or Single Room Accommodation.

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Custom web-based reservation applications Development
We develop web-based reservation applications according to your needs, and can easily integrate into your existing website.

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We ensure that our front-end development integrates well with external technologies and other web services. Our front-end designers are trained to understand client objectives and business processes and deliver unique solutions. We will transform your ideas into living web solutions.

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