Multi-Room Booking System Demo

Multi-Room Booking System - Features

Booking System - Price :
Set a default price for each date of the week and price for each room. Add different price based on the number of adults and children selected on the reservation form. Set different prices for specific date periods. Set the deposit amount to be collected for each reservation (amount or %).

Booking System - Packages :
Create different packages and set custom price for it. For example, make a weekend "Double room" package with a fixed price during high season.

Booking System - Extras :
Create different items and/or services which your clients can book. For example a breakfast, airport pickup, or anything else that you offer.

Booking System - Vouchers :
Create different promo codes for any room during certain time of the year. The promo code can be either in % or fixed amount.

Booking System - Invoices:
Set up your company details, These details will be used for all the invoices that you create. Set payment methods to be accepted from invoices. Create a template for your invoices. View, Print and Send Invoices to your customer.

Booking System - Email :
Create customized Email notifications to be sent automatically to people who make a reservation after reservation form is completed or/and payment is made.

Booking System - Free Night:
Create a free night promotion for bookings made during a specific period and with a certain length.

Booking System - Themes:
Choose between 10 responsive themes and change your theme as often as you like.

Booking System - Reports :
Generate a report from Selected date range to view information about all bookings made for the selected period.

Booking System - Shopping Cart :
Your clients can reserve multiple items. The customer quickly adds all desired items and enters the personal details only at checkout.

Booking System - Automate:
Set the time while the system will keep as reserved the room assigned to a Pending booking. After the time expires, if reservation not paid, the booking status will become "Not Confirmed," and the room will be available to be booked again by other visitors.

Booking System - Unavailable :
Set selected rooms as unavailable for a predefined period of time. There are three (3) different status that you can choose from to set a room as unavailable. "External booking" - "Stop from web" - "Unavailable".

Multi Room Booking System

Facebook Reservation System

Add My Reservation System Facebook Page Tab App To Your Facebook Fans Page and use Facebook As Online Booking Channel, Facebook page tab app helps you to easily add the Booking Calendar to your own Facebook page in a few minutes.

Tutorial  Demo

Wordpress Reservation System

Add My Reservation System Wordpress plugin And Use Your Blog As Online Booking Channel, Wordpress Plugin helps you to easily add the Booking Calendar to your WordPress website in a few minutes.

Download Wordpress plugin

Blogger Reservation System

Add My Reservation System To Your Google Blog And Use Your Blog As Online Booking Channel, Booking software helps you to easily add the Booking Calendar to your blog in a few minutes.

The Recommended Integration Method


JavaScript async defer Reservation System And Booking Calendar Integration

Javascript async defer Reservation System Script allows you to display a responsive front end booking calendar or form in all web solutions that support HTML. No influence on the loading of your page, the async defer technology instruct the browser to load the script in parallel, without stopping the rendering of the HTML page.

JavaScript Multi-Room Booking System

Copy the div element and paste it on your web page where you want the Multi-Room Booking System to appear
Copy javascript and paste it at the bottom of the page

             <!--div element add where you want the Multi Room Booking System to appear.  
data-cid = "Your Calendar ID"; data-local = "Language ID"; data-theme = "Theme ID"; data-button = "true or false"; data-button-show = "true or false"; -->
<div id="div_mrbs_software" data-cid="demo" data-local="1" data-theme="" data-button="" data-button-show="" > </div>

<!--javascript add to bottom of page -->
<script src="" async defer ></script>

Copy Multi-Room Booking System Script

Time Slots Booking Calendar

Time Slots Booking Calendar Demo & Features

My Reservation System And Booking Calendar

Online Reservation System And Booking Calendar For Existing Website, Blog Or Facebook Fans Page, Embed Daily-Nightly Or Time Slot Availability Calendar, Take Online Reservations, Receive Online Payments. My Reservation System Turn Your Website And Facebook Page As An Online Booking Channel. Fast, Simple And Useful Integration Methods. Great For Booking Hotel Rooms, Apartments, Chalets, Gites, Houses, Villas, Appointment, And Other Multi Or Single Room Accommodation.

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