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Time Slot Booking Calendar - Demo -

Booking Calendar - Features -


Set up your company details, These details will be used for all the invoices that you create. Set payment methods to be accepted from invoices. Create a template for your invoices. View , Print and Send Invoices to your custumer.

Email Confirmation

Create customized Email notifications to be sent automatically to people who make a reservation after reservation form is completed or/and payment is made.
Create customized Email reminder to be sent automatically to people who make a reservation X hour(s) before booking time.

Booking form & Payment

choose the fields that should be available on the booking form. Set your secure payment processing gateway Paypal or Athorizenet you can also use Cash or Bank wire

Day Off

Set designate days of the week as non-working (Off).

Booking Limit

Allow new bookings to be made X hours earlier.

Theme & Appearance

modify appearance and change your theme as often as you like.


Set available booking times for each day of the week. You can also set "Lunch break" during the day, price for each slot, slot length and number of bookings that can be made for each slot. You can also configure these options for any particular date. Set deposit amount to be collected for each reservation (amount or %).

Reports & statistics

Generate and download a chart from Selected date range to view information about all bookings made for the selected period.
Generate and download a chart from Selected year to view information about your Monthly Income.

Shopping Cart

Your clients can reserve multiple items. The customer quickly adds all desired items and enters the personal details only at checkout.

Daily - Nightly Booking Calendar


Multi Room Booking System


Install My Reservation System and increase your income by increasing your online reservations.

It’s an easy to use tool and you need zero technological knowledge to implement it in your wordpress blog.
The booking calendar can be easily embedded on your website, regardless of the CMS you’re using. Our booking calendar is flexible and Mobile Friendly, it works on Major platforms, you can customize your booking calendar wherever you are, provided that you have an internet connection. So while you’re enjoying your holiday on some corner of the world, you can manage your bookings from our reservation system admin panel with a simple sign in.
It's beautiful and simple-to-use interface make receiving and managing bookings
Your customers can check availability and make reservations for specific day(s), night(s), room(s), or time slots and pay online for their own bookings. You will receive email notifications and can manage the reservations from your booking admin panel. Booking Calendar is a friendly mobile and you can configure different settings to best fit your business workflow processes, and customize the form and calendar appearance for a natural fit to your site design.


My Reservation System And Booking Calendar

Online Reservation System and booking calendar for Existing Website,Blog or Facebook fans page, Embed Daily/Nightly Or Time Slot Availability Calendar, Take Online Reservations, Receive Online Payments. My Reservation System turn your website and facebook page as an online booking channel. Fast, simple and useful integration methods. Great for booking hotel rooms, apartments, chalets, gites, houses, villas, appointment, ...